Middle/Upper Primary School Lesson Ideas & Student Activity Sheets

Following are some lesson and activity ideas designed to assist your students to discover all about the stages involved in the creation of Australian dairy products - from milk production on the farm to arrival at supermarkets.

These lesson and activity ideas have been divided into the Learning Areas, allowing maximum flexibility for incorporating them into your mainstream curriculum activities. All lesson ideas and activity sheets have been carefully designed so that they can be adapted for different levels and abilities.

Some activity ideas encourage students to involve family members at home, and some link directly to the downloadable and printable student activity sheets. The student activity sheets and lesson ideas are designed to be used in conjunction with the 'Discover Dairy 3 serves every day!' website, to complement students' learning, and interaction with the website.  

'From Farm to Plate' - Broad Learning Outcomes

Students will:

Learn about the important role the Australian dairy industry plays in their everyday lives including:

  • Key facts about dairy cows
  • Life on a dairy farm
  • How dairy foods are made 

 'From Farm to Plate' - Middle/Upper Primary Lesson and Activity Ideas

'From Farm to Plate' - Middle/Upper Primary Student Activity Sheets

Dairy Farming Regions in Australia From Farm to Plate Word Study
Managing the Finances of a Small Dairy Farm  From Farm to Plate Limericks 
What Does a Dairy Farmer Do?  How Much Does a Dairy Cow Eat?
Dairy Farm Crack the Code  Sketch a Cow 
Cattle Breeds in Australia  Picasso Cow
How Dairy Cows Make Milk?  Student activity sheet solutions 
KWL Chart 





Demo Dairy

DemoDairy is a demonstration farm in south-west Victoria. The kids@demodairy program introduces Year 5 and 6 students to the dairy industry.  Students will learn about the different careers within the industry and the environmental sciences behind dairying.  For further information on DemoDairy visit: www.demodairy.org.au

Below are the resources students take away with them after their visit.  These resources will help students to:

1. Learn how dairy farmers work with nature to improve soil and keep waterways clean, through nutrient management
2. Understand the soil food web and the important role of microorganisms in maintaining healthy soil
3. Find out how trees can make a dairy cow’s life more comfortable, and more productive
4. Discover how dairy farmers use the science of fermentation to make tasty feed for their cows
5. Understand that there are many different careers available in the dairy industry.


How trees make better milk Work in Dairy - Animal Nutritionist
Soils are alive Work in Dairy - Artificial Inseminator
Do cows eat lollies? Work in Dairy - Extension Officer
Where does all the poo go next? Work in Dairy - Farm Manager
Where does all the poo go? Work in Dairy - Farmhand
Work in Dairy - Agroforester Work in Dairy - Silage Technical Advisor
Work in Dairy - Agronomist