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Healthy Bones Action Week for Australian Primary Schools in 2017

Healthy Bones Action Week is back and we’d love your class to get involved in Term 3! 

This year, The Voice star Harrison Craig has come on board to support Healthy Bones Action Week, by creating an educational song and hopscotch playground game for all ages. 

Through the song, Aussie kids will learn about the three actions required to build strong, healthy bones:

1. Calcium intake through milk, cheese and yoghurt
2. Weight bearing exercise and 
3. Spending time outdoors for vitamin D

The outdoor skeleton hopscotch activity will be supported by a Healthy Bones Action Week curriculum linked teacher’s booklet, to assist in educating students about the importance of keeping their bones healthy for the future. 

What's involved?

Classrooms will take part in a range of curriculum-linked activities, designed to be implemented in-and-out of the classroom and easily incorporated into your daily lesson plan.  From learning about the building blocks of bones, to cooking a delicious dairy snack; these activities will provide students everything they need to know to build healthy bones.

Upon registering, you will receive your very own HBAW 2017 classroom kit filled with everything to get your class moving. From there, it’s over to your students to start learning, playing and building healthy bones! 

By participating HBAW, students will have the opportunity to discover everything from why dairy is so important, to activities to stay healthy and help develop healthy bones for life. 

Sign up today!

Participation is easy and free! Simply register below to receive your Healthy Bones Action Week Classroom Kit and to keep up to date with all the activities in the lead up to and during the event.