Celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week from 7 - 13th August 2017!

Healthy Bones Action Week for Australian Primary Schools 

This year, The Voice star Harrison Craig joined Dairy Australia to support Healthy Bones Action Week, by creating an educational song and hopscotch playground game for all ages. 

Through the song, Aussie kids will learn about the three actions required to build strong, healthy bones:

1. Calcium intake through milk, cheese and yoghurt
2. Weight bearing exercise and 
3. Spending time outdoors for vitamin D

The outdoor skeleton hopscotch activity is supported by a Healthy Bones Action Week curriculum linked teacher’s booklet, to assist in educating students about the importance of keeping their bones healthy for the future. 

 Happy Healthy Bones Song

Activities for the week

The skeleton poster  The hop-scotch song  Teacher's booklet 
Head of the skeleton  Audio file  Teacher's booklet 
Arm of the skeleton  Video file   
Foot of the skeleton     
Leg of the skeleton     
Box of the skeleton     

Stay tuned for information about Healthy Bones Action Week 2018!