The Discover Dairy Webinar Series

The Discover Dairy Webinar Series

The Discover Dairy Webinar Series provides teachers with practical inspiration and tips for getting the most from the Discover Dairy curriculum-linked resources.

Our Discover Dairy webinars bring together a range of experts to discuss topics such as digital technology in the classroom, through to health and nutrition and the farm to plate process. Webinar 1 showcases Discover Dairy’s wide range of curriculum-linked resources (lesson plans, activity ideas, worksheets and presentations) available across its three learning modules Farm to Plate, Unbeatable Bones, and Fuel for Life and provides teachers with the encouragement and confidence needed to implement them in their classroom.


Our series kicked off with Discover Dairy in your 21st Century Classroom, hosted by DLTV Teacher of the Year and Discover Dairy partner, Eleni Kyritsis. Eleni’s 30-minute webinar demonstrates how teachers can embrace digital technology to teach students about all things dairy while introducing the wide range of curriculum-linked, Discover Dairy resources.

In the ever-changing digital landscape, new apps and programs are launching every day, and the opportunities to pair this technology with traditional lesson plans are endless. In this webinar, Eleni unpacks the best of what’s available and uses the Discover Dairy resources to provide practical examples for easy integration in the classroom.

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Science Meets Sport, featureS guest presenters three-time Olympian and Legendairy Ambassador, Michael Klim and University of Melbourne researcher and bone expert Dr. Sandra Iuliano, who discuss the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in providing children with the energy and nutrition needed to fuel an active lifestyle.

Bringing their own personal and professional perspective to the subject, each presenter discusseS good nutrition for growing children, how positive eating habits are established in the primary school years and the role dairy foods play in building healthy, active kids.

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Dr. Sandra Iuliano is a nutrition researcher in the department of Endocrinology at the University of Melbourne. Her particular research focus is on the effects of nutrition (and exercise) during the lifespan, having published work looking at the effects of exercise and calcium on bone growth in children, the benefits of vitamin D supplementation in Antarctic expeditioners, and the role of dairy in preventing fractures in elderly in aged-care.

This webinar, hosted by Sandra, discusses the health and nutrition in children aged 5-12, and more broadly speaks to:

  • food consumption to encourage healthy eating behaviours 
  • How do the foods form the five food groups benefit/effect the body e.g. brain, muscles, energy levels, bone health
  • Information on the effects of exercise and calcium on bone growth
  • Dietary requirements for children during growth and development
  • Food intake of children in Australia – what and how much are they eating? 

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