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Get involved

Get your class grooving and moo-ving during August to celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week (19th – 25th August). Help your class learn how to build and maintain strong healthy bones in a fun and creative way. The annual initiative encourages Australians to think about their bone health. Primary school is a crucial time for Aussie kids to build strong bones for life and ensure their daily routine includes the three steps to maintaining good bone health.

WIN A 'dairy Day' for your class

To enter, simply upload a video of your class demonstrating the importance of strong healthy bones and celebrating Healthy Bones Action Week, and you will go in the running to win a Healthy Bones Dairy Day hosted by superstar Australian netballer, Madi Browne. The prize also includes a $500 Rebel Sport gift voucher, and a dairy-licious snack pack full of yummy Australian dairy treats.

Ideas & Resources

 We are encouraging you and your students to get involved in Healthy Bones Action Week by creating a video which showcases your interpretation of the Healthy Bones song (download it using the 'find out more' link above). So have fun and get creative - the following link contains some ideas to give you inspiration.

What We Need

To be in the running to win the Healthy Bones 'Dairy Day' there are three competition requirements; the video must include demonstration/inclusion of at least one of the three easy steps to building strong, healthy bones; the Healthy Bones song must be playing throughout the performance; the video shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes. The most creative and unique submission will win! Please read the Terms & Conditions before entering.

What you need to do

Download the Healthy Bones song via the link above (labelled 'find out more'). Once your video submission is ready (and you've ensured it fits the criteria above), enter the competition via the link below, and submit your entry (*Videos may be used by Dairy Australia for marketing purposes. See T&Cs for more information).