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Resource - Activity Ideas - Foundation

These Foundation activity ideas will encourage students to use images, explore factual texts, stories and songs about dairy farms and farmers. They aim to spark student curiosity and inspire them to generate their own questions that investigate farms make the foods they eat. (Size: 779Kb) (Size: 113Kb)

Dairy Farmers Farms Students Pasture Milk Science Earth History World Milk Day

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Inquiry Unit - Foundation - Year 2

This Foundation to Year 2 Life as a Dairy Cow resource explores and defines the systems used to raise and care for dairy cows. It discovers the methods used on Australian dairy farms to support milk production. Following an inquiry-based approach, the unit endeavours to use information about dairy farming as stimulus for the learning journey, so students can become internally motivated to explore and make connections. (Size: 779Kb)

World Milk Day

Where dairy farms are located

Learn about the different dairy regions of Australia. 80% percent of Australia’s milk production occurs in the higher rainfall areas along the southern and eastern coastlines, in the states of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. This is where most of the cheese, yoghurt, ice cream and other dairy products are produced.

Australian Dairy Farms

Running a dairy farm

There’s much more to life on a dairy farm than milking cows! Farmers need more than 170 different skills to run a successful farm business. Watch this video to find out more.

Cows Dairy Farms Farmers Environment