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Worksheet: What does a dairy farmer do - Foundation to Year 2

This Foundation to Year 2 worksheet will involve students identifying and learning about the variety of jobs that dairy farmers do on farms. (Size: 79Kb)

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Running a dairy farm

There’s much more to life on a dairy farm than milking cows! Farmers need more than 170 different skills to run a successful farm business. Watch this video to find out more.

Cows Dairy Farms Farmers Environment

Resource - Activity Ideas - Foundation

These Foundation activity ideas will encourage students to use images, explore factual texts, stories and songs about dairy farms and farmers. They aim to spark student curiosity and inspire them to generate their own questions that investigate farms make the foods they eat. (Size: 779Kb)

Dairy Farmers Farms Students Pasture Milk Science Earth History World Milk Day

Resource - Activity Ideas - Year 1

These Year 1 activity ideas will encourage students to read stories about life on a farm and write a descriptive text about their ideal farm or a procedure for making butter. Students will also name different types of dairy foods and display these on a poster board. (Size: 109Kb)

Butter Calves Cream Dairy Farmers Breeds Australian Science School World Milk Day

Resource - Activity Ideas - Year 2

These Year 2 activity ideas will encourage students to choose a topic to research within the theme of dairy farming. The activities provided can be used as stand-alone teaching ideas, incorporated into an existing program or used to support other inquiry units and resources found on the Discover Dairy website. (Size: 108Kb)

Activity Australian Classroom Dairy Farms Farmers Milk Technology World Milk Day