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Activity Ideas - Year 6

These Year 6 activity ideas will encourage students to use their creativity to create different dairy products in the classroom through using art or write and perform a song to learn about healthy eating. A range of resources on Discover Dairy support these activities. Use these Year 6 activity ideas to help students spark curiosity and inspire them to generate their own questions and investigate. (Size: 107Kb) (Size: 114Kb)

Dairy Students Healthy Activity Classroom Geometry World Milk Day

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Discover how yoghurt is made

Yoghurt is made by blending milk and live bacterial cultures. It is a rich source of calcium and contains over 8 essential nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Watch the video to discover how yoghurt is made.

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Resources - Nutrients in dairy

Learn about how dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt, form one of the five food groups that make up a balanced diet and play an important role in achieving good nutrition throughout both childhood and adulthood.

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Everything you need to know about dairy

This video opens a window to the world of dairy, showcasing the dairy industry, dairy products and the health benefits of dairy.

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