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Discover why working on farm matters

Dairy farms are an essential service that produce quality food for the world. A job on a dairy farm provides stability, a reliable source of income and the ability to plan how work fits into your life, not the other way around.

Discover a job on a dairy farm

Dairy farms can be exciting places to work with lots of opportunities. As an employee, dairy farming gives you a job that is outdoors, allows you to work with animals, machinery and other people.

Discover people who work

Discover stories of how farmers got into the dairy industry and what they enjoy about working on farm.

Discover dairy careers resources

There are a number of exciting career opportunities in the Australian Dairy industry. Our careers resources provide information on various dairy jobs and career pathways.

Discover a careers program

Dairy Australia supports a range of dairy careers programs and events that students or schools can participate in to learn more about working in the Australian dairy industry.