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It’s that time of year again and we all know a little too well about Lunchbox fatigue…. it’s real! Adding dairy foods to the lunchbox plays an important role in helping to power kids through their day. To make getting ready for school easier, try our cool dairy hacks to give you, and your lunchbox, a boost.

Healthy Bones Action Week

Healthy Bones Action Week encourages Australians to think about their bone health. Primary school is a crucial time for Aussie kids to build strong bones for life and ensure their daily routine includes the three steps to maintaining good bone health.

Picasso Cows Program

A FREE curriculum program designed to educate primary school children about the Australian dairy industry and the health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.

Shake up your lesson

Want to teach your students about dairy farming in a fun and interactive way? Join Farmer Bonnie in this exclusive webinar in which she talks about what life is like on a dairy farm, how dairy foods are produced in Australia, technology, sustainability and the health and nutritional benefits of consuming dairy.