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What is the Picasso Cows program?

Picasso Cows is a FREE curriculum program designed to educate primary school children about the Australian dairy industry and the health and nutrition benefits of dairy foods as part of a balanced diet.

Past Entries & Stories

What better way to discover Picasso Cows than to explore the colours and adventures of past Picasso Cows entries? This gallery is a small window into the wonderful creations captured on these blank cows by participating schools across Australia. 

Get Involved in Picasso Cows

It's easy to get your school involved in the Picasso Cows program - follow the link below to lodge your expression of interest.

View the cow map

Find a new favourite cow, or discover an old friend. Check out the many and varied painted cows around Australia by using the handy cow map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Picasso Cows? Read the Picasso Cows program FAQs here.