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Inquiry Unit - Foundation - Year 2

This Foundation to Year 2 Life as a Dairy Cow resource explores and defines the systems used to raise and care for dairy cows. It discovers the methods used on Australian dairy farms to support milk production. Following an inquiry-based approach, the unit endeavours to use information about dairy farming as stimulus for the learning journey, so students can become internally motivated to explore and make connections. (Size: 779Kb) (Size: 823Kb)

World Milk Day

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How cows make milk

This video explains the process of how cows turn grass into milk. Cows belong to a group of animals called ruminants (roo-min-ants). Ruminants have four stomach compartments, each of which plays a different role in digesting food.

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Caring for our animals

Learn more about how dairy farmers care for their cows, what cows eat, and who’s who in a typical dairy herd.

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How dairy farmers care for their cows

This video explains how dairy farmers care for their cows on the farm. A healthy herd is of high importance to farmers and they closely monitor the health of all their cows.

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